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I’m glad to inform you 

I will take part at the group exhibition

B³- Burg/Bild/Biermärz 

Opening:  29th February, 2020 | 19:30


Curated by: Mag. art. Josef Brescher




Exhibition: 29th February 2020 until 27th March 2020

Fr. - Sun. 14:00 - 19:00





                       Bezirksgerichtsgasse 4+5,  4982 Obernberg am Inn  (Austria)

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I’m glad to inform you 

I will take part at the international Group Exhibition

Zeitgenössische Kunst im Bezirksgericht Innere Stadt Wien

Kunst zu Recht 2020

Opening: 16th January, 2020  |  18:00 | 7th floor



Entrance  16:00 until 20:00          Warning: security gate at the entrance!



Introduction: Mag.a iur.Ulrike Schmidt (Vorsteherin des Bezirksgerichts Innere Stadt Wien)

                              Mag.a art. Mag.a iur. Ulrike Rill (Vertreterin des Bezirksgerichts Innere Stadt Wien)

                              Matthias Handwerk (Künstler)

                              Veronika Junger (Künstlerin und Kuratorin)

Curated and organized by Veronika Junger

Exhibition: 16th January 2020 until 14th November 2020

                      MO - FR (without Holiday) | 8.00-15.00h

Location:  Justizzentrum Wien-Mitte

                         Marxergasse 1a, 1030 Vienna (Austria) 4th and 7th floor




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